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Wesołych Świąt

Długi weekend majowy 2017

The new face Caravanning

The June Promotion


Another new delivery Dutch colony in February.

dostawa domków holenderskich już w lutymnowadostawa

New dostwa in November


Building a house from scratch Dutch

Lifting crane cabin

October cottages already on the square


New arrivals already on the finger

New delivery cottages straight out of the British Isles already in the square. After two weeks of hauling the square hard work completed. After a night transports you to get some rest. We invite you to shop in the summer promotional rates. nowa dostawa domków holenderskich

And so they look new homes in the middle

Changing the layout of our pages

We changed the layout, I hope that the site will be more user-friendly.

Roadside Assistance on Facebook `u

We launched our second page on Facebook, this time with roadside assistance services. You can view the page here. Was also created a new page of our company, which contains information about roadside assistance and transport services.

Eco transport

As our company continues to transport for free, but the competition has to cope with, at least, environmentalists will not protest.

POD in Western Europe

There is nothing like peace and communing with nature. In Western Europe also have a specific employee allotments… domki holenderskie

Willerby New Company at the fair Boat

domek holenderski willerbyFair Visitors “żeglarsko-caravaniarskich” Boat & Caravan show in Birminhgam the first to be able to see the new jewel of the company Willerby – caravan Meridian Lodge. Modern style, furniture and space distinguishes this house from others. This suite, dominated by light and space, caravan is made of the highest quality materials, fully equipped kitchen and a huge bathroom and a wardrobe make everyday life, luxuriously furnished bedrooms provide comfortable rest. Cottage has 2 Bedrooms (general 6 beds), living room with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, Cloakroom. The dimensions of the house 12,8 m long and 4m wide. Cena jedyne 😉 £ 51,897.77 with Vat. [nggallery id=27]

new vogue Layout


Financial Advisor

To meet our current and future customers we have partnered with an independent financial advisor, which will help you choose the best way to finance the purchase of a house, if you do not have enough cash. Contact adviser.

True gypsies is no longer…

Is caravaning is related in some way with the lifestyle of the Roma and Gypsy fleet. Probably yes, because the owners of horses and chariots transitioned to the modern mobile homes.

Caravan ecological…

In an English auction services in the UK put up for sale caravan ecological, made of wood,transported in its entirety submitting elements of the leg takes about an hour, cottage is comfortably and modernly equipped. You can give yourself a bit of eco luxury. The house is built on the chassis of wood, ribbed timber frame, sheep's wool insulation, equipped with furniture from IKEA, larch flooring, shutters with remote control, double-glazed windows and LED lighting throughout the Caravane. Z sypialni wychodzi Sie and balkon. The dimensions of the house is 5m/12m. caravan ekologiczny

[nggallery id=13]

Assistance in the arrangement and location of houses.

By working together with friendly companies are ready to assist you in arranging a house on the lot and placing it in a convenient place.

aranżacja domków holenderskich

Transportation cottages

And in such a way that is transported cottages on the islands. In our company transport is still free, the islands have, unfortunately for this service to pay dearly. Load house…. Interesting solution…. On the internet you can find different, strange arrangements using the Dutch colony. Here is one of them. ustawianie domku holenderskiego

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